What is jcx doing now?


This page was setup as an idea based on nownownow.com/about so that people can easily see what’s going on with me. Kind of the ‘big picture’ stuff. An overview so to speak and to show there’s a number of things going on right now, as there always will be 🙂

Last updated 2022-01-22:

  • Survival – As many of you know I’ve been without proper social care for a considerable amount of time. We now have social services team coming in semi-regularly to provide ‘stop gap’ emergency support. This isn’t what I need, but we’re trying to make it work until something changes.

  • Health Worsening – My health continues to decline, even with me putting the best I have into every day. I keep trying to get access to the help that I require, but continue to find that people who say “ask for help if you need it, it is available” is increasingly just a lie. One that you’re taught throughout your entire life. I am unsure how to keep putting the best I have into every day and have people basically dismiss what I am saying, which is getting to a point where it feels like I’m entirely wasting my breath.
  • Proper‘ Autism Assessment – As many of you know I’m on the autistic spectrum. It has since come to light that this is not enough of a diagnosis for organisations like social services to make adaptations to their service provision and accept that my brain is wired differently. I have finally recieved a complete diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which can no longer be challenged or not taken into consideration by services.

  • Work ‘Paused’ – I still don’t feel confident in my ability to produce good work and since 2020 I haven’ been accepting any ‘general’ work, and I haven’t been able to concentrate properly given all the other issues right now. Some people might be perfectly happy in charging for work that isn’t their best, but it’s not something that I can do. I don’t want people to get inferior work from me. I can understand that people might have to go elsewhere for it, and I completely understand. I personally feel my quality of work is worth waiting for.

  • Network Operation Upgrades – While my physical health continues to be poor, I am setting up my technology environment to work with my disabilities not against. This includes things such as swapping to rack mounted gear with hot-swappable components to make management easier.

  • Upgrading/Cleaning my computer. – My desktop hasn’t been maintained in quite some time, so I am spending some time removing dust and have a current plan to replace the two different types of RGB LED controllers with a unified solution which is software controlled and to redo the cable management behind the back panel.

  • WordPress Plug-in Vulnerability – Continue to monitor the security vulnerability I have reported with a WordPress plug-in and eventually release a report on my companies blog showing our research once the developer has patched the issue and released their own statement. We’ve now got a CVE number and are just waiting for authorisation to publicly post the findings.

  • Find a new ‘online chat’ home – I’ve recently left an online community I was a part of for a number of years. I started to get no enjoyment out of being there as I felt a lot of other members of the community were hostile unfairly. I have also fallen out with the channel founder. I’m quite prepared to accept I am wrong on lots of things, but I really got tired of being told that a lot of the things I do are wrong. I couldn’t dream of telling anyone something they’ve been doing successfully for an amount of time is wrong, even if I believed it was wrong. If something wasn’t a way I was used to I’d say something like “that’s not my experience of this, but I’ll check it out” or similar. Anyway, long story short… I’m looking for a new place online to call ‘home’, although I might have recently found somewhere 🙂

  • Writing my ‘Legacy’ album – The new album is still on the way, with over 2 years in development so far, but I haven’t wanted to rush it. I have 8 tracks well into production and another couple into the idea stage.