Anti-Virus for DOS

F-PROT for DOS 3.16f9.0M

This is the latest version of any DOS anti-virus I could find. The virus database is updated to 8th January 2009. If anyone has a newer SIGN.DEF SIGN2.DEF or MACRO.DEF I would be interested in hearing from you.

To run, you need to pass the command line option /old to skip date checking of the virus definitions.

Compaq Deskpro 386S Specific

SOFTPAQ Diagnostics 8.00 REV. B (DP256) – 443K

As the Compaq 386S does not come with BIOS options built in, you need a floppy disk containing the diagnostics to setup the computer. This requires a 720K diskette (or a 1.44MB diskette formatted to 720K). Unzip in a new directory and run SP0308.EXE then once complete run QRST.EXE to create a bootable floppy disk.



DOSED v5.20 – 16K

DOSED is a resident program (about 3400 bytes) that gives extended operations on the DOS command line. Includes extended functions such as: Editing, History (recall previous commands) and Filename completion (with displaying of matching files). It is much like doskey but with different options. If you use this program, consider checking out his website for other programs which may be of interest.

FileMaven for DOS 3.5 – 160K

FileMaven is a file browser for DOS with an option for creating a link over serial or parallel ports to send and receive files from other computers (via a Laplink style transfer) using a nullmodem cable. Visit the official FileMaven page


SUSUCD is a collection of utilities for creating and mounting CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Images within MS-DOS. Example usage:

shcdhd86 /f:image.iso

shsucdx /d:shsu-cdh

Turbo Image v1.01a – 31K
Turbo Image is a resident utility that uses extended memory to create a “fake” floppy drive. I haven’t been able to get it working so far though.