Just another awful day


So I had an appointment with the consultant at the hospital (about my hearing degradation) and this was the start of yet another awful day. Patient transport told us to be ready 2 hours before the appointment. They showed up 30 minutes before the appointment (for a journey that takes an hour), we contacted the hospital (to see if there was any point in coming, since quite a lot of places won’t see you if you’re late – they said to just “turn up”).

When we were still waiting for the transport, they said the taxi said “10 minutes” (and you know what taxi companies are like, for some reason they always lie and say “10 minutes”).

So yeah, we were late to the appointment…

While waiting for the appointment, that was about 45 minutes, which ended up just being to speak to the consultant for literally 5 minutes (in a room of 3 people, 2 of which didn’t introduce themselves.) Everything that was said could have been done in a phone call.

When we were done, we got reception to book us patient transport back, so we went, bought some food from the shop (since I’m diabetic and hadn’t eaten) and then went outside to wait for it. 45 minutes later, a regular taxi arrives that we can’t use, we needed a wheelchair taxi. During this my old bank call me and leave a message saying to call back, so I call them back and they can’t find me without this complaint reference (I guess because since my account is closed now, I didn’t ‘exist’). They had no other way of finding me.

I also receive a text message from my phone company that they’re going to cut me off within 24 hours if I don’t pay (even though usually when an automatic payment is missed, they just take it again a week later), so it appeared I had conflicting information.

I spoke to a person at the phone company and if I wasn’t sure that I had dialled the correct number I’d say that was a scam (he asked me for my account password(!)) and even after correcting him he kept using the wrong genders, even asking if he could call me by my name, so even after correction and passing security, he still didn’t get it right, and it’s made me feel even worse about my voice (as most already know my vocal range is basically right in the middle of the two major genders), even though like I’ve never had this issue before, but the last year for some reason everyone’s tagging me as not being who I say I am…

I also told him, look I am at the hospital I can’t deal with this now and he just wouldn’t listen. It didn’t seem like he understood I was having an awful day. He said he wanted to set up a promise to pay, of £28 on the 6th of July, but I was like “that’s not what I owe?!” but he just wasn’t listening, so my partner said “don’t deal with this now, he’s not listening and you’re in public”.

So I tried to explain, but he was like “this is important, do this now” and I was just like no. My contract is due to end anyway so if you’re saying you can’t give a customer of 10 years more than 24 hours then I’m sure somewhere else would appreciate my custom and hung up on him.

They were finally able to get us appropriate transport home and… all the bumps and movements made every part of my body hurt beyond belief that I could barely move once we’d gotten back. Everything was causing me to like fall apart in public, and well there’s a lot of people don’t know how to do deal with someone having a full freak out.

I think my partner completely lost it with the hospital staff, and when the regular (non wheelchair) taxi arrived I just started laughing manically and I think I said “You can’t write this 💩” I mean since when we booked the return I was next to him and… wheelchairs are pretty obvious things and a regular taxi would not work!

The only thing that seemed to go right, after all this happened, the receptionist (the second one my partner spoke to, not the one that ordered the non wheelchair taxi) called to check that we’d been picked up.

I needed to eat about half way through all this mess, and actually I still hadn’t until about an hour after we got home. Luckily I asked my partner to pick up some pure orange juice from the hospital just to top up my tanking blood sugar, took some Diazepam and in the taxi back had to take morphine. I wrote a bit of a summary for some of my friends elsewhere and basically ended it with “time to go lie down in a darkened room” and passed out for 8 or 9 hours.

I’m glad that the awful day is over, but I bet whenever I finally do process the events, it’s gonna be quite bad.

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