Dexter’s Laboratory Subtitles


I’ve tried to find subtitles for the Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon, but it seems there were never any released. My plan was to subtitle all of the episodes but for one person this was a quite daunting task, so I only ended up doing a single 7 minute section, for the one titled “No Power Trip” (one of my favourite episodes).

Each of the ‘Titles’ on the DVDs splits the episodes up into 3 parts (as chapters), the first having the show opening and the first episode, then a second episode, then the third episode and end credits, so to make accessing each individual episode easier, I split the title track [Title 22] (which in this case contains the episodes Topped Off [Episode 60], Dee Dee’s Tail [Episode 61] and No Power Trip [Episode 62]) into 3, so I ended up with three mkv files for each one, and then I got to work subtitling the one I wanted, No Power Trip.

Dexter's Lab - No Power Trip, Title Card

So compared to other subtitles, I wanted it to be easy to differentiate between characters. I chose blue for Dexter, pink for Dee Dee, brown for Dad and green for the computer. The subtitles I made aren’t perfect, but I think they’re a lot better than the usual subtitles you get with things. If you don’t like colour, you can just turn the colour off – it’s easier to remove colour if you don’t like it, than to add it when it doesn’t exist!

Here is a few screenshots of the subtitles for each character in a gallery.

While I’m probably never going to complete the entire work and I’ll only ever really have time to caption this small episode, I thought at least if someone wanted to see how I’ve done it, maybe it could be taken further in the future. You can download the .SRT subtitle file here if you’d like 🙂

Please feel to copy and improve the subtitle, but please leave the very small and quick “Subtitles by jcx” if you do. I don’t like massive ‘credits‘ or ‘advertisements‘ in subtitles either, which is why I kept it very short and only in the ‘title’ section.

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