Priory Care Group are still Disgusting and Neglectful in 2022 (an update!)

June 2022 Update, A Year Later:

I believe my emails have been quite respectful and cordial to Priory Group, however it seems that no one had the decency to respond to my further questions, making this the 3rd time I have been ghosted by Priory. The only reason that they started replying to me again was because I had contacted the ICO and they had said they had to.

With regards to my complaint with Priory Group, they said that too much time had passed from the time of my complaint to now and that they consider the issue closed. I brought up that the reason they hadn’t received my complaint and dealt with it at the time was because they stopped replying to any communication from me and they refused to make an exception to deal with any of the issues.

A doctored Priory Group logo with a "No Entry" sign over the top and additional letters overlaid so it should be read as No Priority.
Priory, or No Priority?

So I’ve felt it necessary to update my public statement to include further information about my interaction with Priory Group, which will hopefully give people pause for a second thought before they’re too saddled with a company that doesn’t care about those that they are supposed to help.

They claimed to offer a certain level of service but when I tried to access those things that they had promised me, they would say that they were unable to do that, or they would lie and say that they had never said they had agreed to the things they had said, in an attempt to gaslight me into doubting myself.

I am disappointed but not surprised that Priory Group values profit over people, and Priory’s board of directors should be ashamed. This certainly isn’t good enough for my family, Ms. Cresswell.

I can only hope fortune smiles better upon Priory employees when they reach a time in their life when they depend on support that isn’t dependable and they aren’t cast aside like day old milk as I was. I honestly urge people to keep members of their family safe and do their due diligence in deciding if a company looking after your loved ones is truly good enough.

My original post from 2021 follows.

The Priory Care Group who claim they “aspire to deliver the highest quality of care in the UK across our range of services, which include acute mental healthcare, addiction treatment and low and medium secure facilities.”

The chief operations officer for Priory Care Group, a Rebekah Cresswell is responsible for “Priory Adult Care”, and has been quoted as saying (on Care Talk’s What Keeps Me Awake At Night? [Update 2022-09-26: This article has been deleted from Care Talk’s website for some reason, but it’s still available on the Wayback Machine Archive of Rebekah Cresswell’s What Keeps Me Awake At Night] “If it is not good enough for my family, then it is not good enough for one of our service users.” – However I have challenged her words with Priory Group and they just do not ring true. Would Rebekah be happy as a client of her own service?

My shocking Priory Care Group journey

I had my care with this company for a couple of months. They initially made lots of promises about what they could do and took to delivering my care in the community. Much of what was promised was not delivered, and it all came to a head about a month and a half ago.

There was a covid outbreak at one of their residential facilities, so they were unable to offer me care, supposedly only temporarily. However during this time, they decided to “restructure”, and created two teams. Residential and outreach. However now their new ‘Outreach’ service cannot provide my care because it consists of a team entirely of men.

I could understand the care being suspended for a Covid-19 outbreak as it is completely rational. If staff are self isolating you couldn’t provide as consistent a service, but I can’t understand why they would restructure and then leave me without any care for weeks. If staff were a problem, surely I would receive care less often rather than never? I had also always assumed that a contract with social services had to be fulfilled, especially if it ends in a situation that I am in, which is neglected.

Staff that visited my property told me they enjoyed coming here, and would do so more if they were available. So was what these staff telling me a lie, just to placate me?

I’ve submitted an official complaint, yet have not received a response, and I have also spent countless hours on hold with their enquiries number, but they just don’t answer the phone.

I put this out there to you Rebekah Cresswell, Would you find having a family member left without support for weeks without them being told any detailed information about what is going on acceptable? How about knowing they’ve been neglected and scared? How would you feel about this, if it happened to you? I’ve tried to speak to your QA Director a few times, however as of yet, she hasn’t been gracious enough to return any of my calls.

To anyone else, if you are looking for a care placement for a family member or friend, I highly suggest you look elsewhere than any Priory Care Group facility or outreach care.

What former employees have said

Just take one of their own former staff members for it., “The manager and deputy are awful, they offer no support, use you to spy on other staff then treat you like rubbish. Left to work on your own with no back up or support. The management have their favourite staff that get away with not doing the job properly. There is also safeguarding issues that don’t get dealt with.” (Indeed, 2019) This, which not only goes amongst the staff, also bleeds in to the care that as an individual I had received, because they’d use the same “tactics” on me.

PS: Yes, their font is called Royal and it’s available from CreativeFabrica, however the designer changed the ‘kerning’ on the ‘O’ stretching it out, in an attempt, to make it unique. I wasn’t going to purchase the font for the purposes of parody, so I just used a preview to generate the 2 letters I needed, but to be fair, I’ve linked to their work here, in case you like the font… or can come up with a better parody of their corporate logo. Answers on a postcard! ~ jcx

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